No November Blues this year! I’m bubbling over with excitement!

misty October morning in Hickstead

misty October morning in Hickstead with Model Helen Cunninghame

Although I will admit this is not my favourite time of year. I have to fight the urge to complain about winter’s approach.  I’m no fan of the nights drawing in and cold wet days…When Halloween is out the way, and it seems Christmas is fast approaching.

Normally I am pretty morbid at this time of year… But this November is a bit different.  There is whole lot for me to get excited about in the studio!  And it certainly isn’t putting up the tinsel!

This past year have devoted a lot of my time to developing personal photography.  Challenging myself to try new things and work with new people as well as educating myself about new technology.  It has been a rich year where I have been lucky to meet and learn from some very talented photographers and have immersed myself in trying to improve my craft.

This commitment has taken me in directions I never thought it would, and I feel so lucky to be involved in some amazing projects and to have some wonderful jobs lined up this winter.

So here is a little inIMG_2397sight into this first week of November…

The month started for me with a very early start in a muddy stable with  very talented riding instructor turned model Helen Cunignhame  and her incredibly beautiful racehorse in the breathtaking misty fields in Hickstead.  The sun burned through the fog and we were so lucky to have a beautiful day.

As the weather turned… so my work has turned indoors…

Today  is all about a pair of best friends who are doing a  shoot to celebrate their 40’th birthdays…. They will be popping the champagne and giddily posing through a photo session  with lots of gliz and glamour and a vintage burlesque twist before their night out on the town popping to  Proud Brighton Ballroom for their night out.

By contrast I’m shooting a Sweet Sixteenth Makeover birthday party on Saturday and a Goddess themed Makeover shoot to finish off this the first week of this gloomy time of year.

There is certainly a buzz around the studio…. No need to feel blue when you get to transform some incredibly talented people from their civilian clothes to something altogether more glamorous!

Next week My Fitness project starts in earnest and I have some amazing performers,Competition athletes as well as some personal trainers lined up to work with!  I’m getting a little bit giddy with all the ideas in my head.

Adding to that I had a meeting yesterday with a make-up artist who is passionate about body painting and wants to do her interpretation the Ice Queen which I am rather looking forward to!

So November is not looking so blue… although it would be fun to be out in the sunshine.  This is in this kind of weather I am thanking my lucky starts  soooo to have a nice warm studio!  The beach can wait… I leave it to the Seagulls till April!



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