Because Birthdays are best spent with friends!!!


MAKEOVER PARTIES- A Fantastic memory of friendships and the magic of youth!

So it is your birthday… or maybe It is your teenage daughter’s birthday… or your Mother’s, or maybe your best friend’s… I may just have an idea of what might take the stress away fromthinking what to give her, or what you can do for her to make her realise how special she is.  And the  great thing about this gi
ft idea is you get to enjoy it too!

It is really any excuse for a party!   What a great opportunity to the girls together.


A Model style.Makeover photoshoot is an amazing way to spoil your friends, get pampered yourself… have an amazing liberating day out and get some immeasurably treasurable photographs of yourself and your friends all together.  As we age we can only look back on these images to remind us of how much fun we had in that much more innocent time.

I cater for teens and adolescents, but also offer parties to small groups of adults too.

For the grown ups feel free to bring along  some bubbly.



Special thank you to all the girls who were generous enough to let me show you their beautiful photos of their party!  I will be updating my tumblr with photos from several other parties shortly!



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