Fitness Project-Part 1- Francis of Bodyfit Brighton

So it has been ages since I updated my blog… and I’ve been up to a lot of new exciting things and some great new projects.

I started 2016 with a new Photography project based around fitness, Athletes, bodybuilders and sportsmen. It was interesting to see where it might go and how changing my focus away from the burlesque and boudoir would affect my style.

I have to say the project has been inspirational.  I have started to book a few shoots up with some incredible people!  Most of the shoots are booked at each person’s personal target date so have booked in well in advance.

My first fitness shoots were inspired by Francis Williams of Bodyfit Brighton.  I met him and photographed him at the Underground Gym in Portslade where he is  a personal trainer who seems to get great results. I met a few of his clients who were really truly dedicated probably because of his infectious charisma and positive attitude.  It got me even more excited about the project. Not only was he a brilliant Model, but really helpful in giving me more understanding of this project.

His style of training seems really popular and I met with some of his clients who were in really great shape too and who seemed to be success stories of his style of training.  You can find more out about him at:


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