My name is Susan Grace Hinman, but you can call me Susie.

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 Who am I?

I have been lucky enough to have been photographing people, and especially women of all shapes sizes and ages for almost fifteen years. I love creating an experience for my clients where they can celebrate who they are now, as well as who they want to be, and let their inner beauty and personality shine through. I strive to create exceptional contemporary portraits, inspired by fashion, beauty, and sculpture.

A photo shoot experience should be a fantastic fun filled confidence boost as well as a relaxing pampering experience.

I work from my private, welcoming, fully-equipped studio in a picturesque seafront square in Hove, East Sussex. I also have a number of Sussex venues I use for location shoots, along with studio spaces in London, and Toronto, Canada. I travel extensively and I am available for commissions anywhere in the world.

Check out my before and after Gallery!


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